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What to Expect?


With credit to many remarkable teachers, Rashaad has developed a plethora of musical concepts and has explored numerous musical styles, making him a very diverse and versatile musician. Rashaad enjoys teaching lessons that are catered to the interests of the student and is very flexible with his pedagogical approach. Students may go through various method books, worksheets, transcriptions and delving into recordings in order to reach their goals. Most importantly, Rashaad wants the learning process to be fun and engaging. That being said, all are certainly welcome to his studio.


Drum Set


Rashaad is capable of teaching a larger number of drumming styles, including but not limited to jazz, funk, R&B, rock, gospel, second-line, country, pop, reggae, Caribbean, Latin, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, West African, South Indian, and fusion. Beyond grooves, a student can be exposed to more conceptual ideas, such as chart-reading, live-setting situations and applications, rhythm theory, and how to utilize your own creative mind in drumming.  

Classical Percussion

Having undergone intensive study with Ji Hye Jung and Ayano Kataoka, while concurrently being exposed to an extensive repertoire of solos, chamber pieces, and orchestral and symphonic music, Rashaad can provide a wide range of instruction in the world of classical percussion. Lessons can cover techniques and repertoire (including audition materials) of mallet instruments, snare drum, timpani, and auxiliary instruments. Marching style percussion can also be covered with Rashaad. 

Hand Percussion

Rashaad is also well-versed on hand percussion instruments in many of their respective styles. Such instruments  have received intensive study, including congas, bongos, bodhrán, tar, riq, Mediterrasian tambourine, and shakers. While he is self-taught on djembe, Rashaad can still provide both beginning and advanced concepts pertaining to the instrument. 


Rashaad's current rates for private *lessons are as follows:

$40/30 min. 

$50/45 min.

$60/60 min. 

Payments are expected to be completed at the top of the month for the month desired (e.g. payment for January lessons would be due by January 1st). Lessons can occur at the frequency of your choosing - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. - and the cancellation policy will be explained in detail upon setting up lessons. Rashaad is flexible and willing to make arrangements with the person or family.

*Lessons can be done in small groups with reduced rates per person. 

Cash, Checks, and Online Transactions (Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, etc.) are welcome. 

**One Final Note: 

Rashaad is frequently described as being exceptionally patient with his students. If you feel that you or your child needs an instructor who is willing to take their time, move very slowly and will refuse to give up on their student, then Rashaad will happily provide you the service you are looking for. 

What to Expect?
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