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Partnered with Twitch!

August 2022

Thanks to a wonderfully supportive community, I was selected to become Partnered with Twitch! (And while gigging on a Cruise ship, of all places.) The partnership comes with benefits not just for me, but also for my community members. I continue to stream on a regular basis to provide both music and gaming entertainment for virtual audiences. If Twitch is new to you, know that you can chat with me in real time, request a song, or even just listen in the background - all for FREE! If this interests you, feel free to follow me here!

Summer on a Ship

Summer 2023

As the semester comes to a close and Summer Break begins, I will likely be working as a music entertainer on cruise ships. In the past, I have been able to stay connected through streaming on Twitch ( Feel free to join me there, or stay connected on other forms of social media!

Doctorate of Jazz Performance at UM

Graduating May 2024

I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts  in Jazz Performance at the University of Miami. This is a 3-year extensive endeavor and will reward me with experience and credentials towards teaching in higher education. The career of being a professor will also provide me with the flexibility to perform frequently, while still making an impact in music education. My primary teachers have included acclaimed Dafnis Prieto, Steve Rucker, and David Chiverton

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International Jazz Day Raid Train on Twitch

April 30, 2023; 4:00 PM EST - LIVE STREAMED

Jazz Creators Online presents a special raid train event, in which numerous Twitch streamers perform an hour of jazz and then bring their audience to the next musician(s). This is a two-day event, and my slot is on Sunday at 4pm EST.

Join us for free at:

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